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Name:Wonder Woman Love
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:Wonder Woman Love celebrates DC Comics' Amazing Amazon. Gen, het & femslash welcome.
wonderwomanlove: This community is for fans of Wonder Woman and fanworks of all types (stories/art/icons/manips/wallpapers/vids/covers) that are of a romantic/erotic/friendship nature that feature the Amazing Amazon! My name is BradyGirl_12 and I've written several Diana fics but had no place other than my journal to put them, so I created this community. :)

I'm looking for stories/art that are femslash, het pairings, threesomes (Clark/Bruce/Diana, anyone?), strong friendship, etc. I was looking for a place to post stories that featured Diana and her Golden/Silver/Bronze Age love, Steve Trevor, and decided to create this community for that purpose as well as seeing her in other slash/het relationships. I have femslash to post and would love to see all kinds of stories from others. If you have a story or art/icon/manip that is NEW or has been posted only to your LJ or someplace other than that but it hasn't gotten much exposure, post it here! :) Oh, and PIMP THIS COMM! :) The more people who join, the more stories and art we'll get! ;)

To post to this community, please use the following header:

Author (or Artist):
Rating: Anywhere from G to NC-17
Genre: Very interested in eclectic stories! :) Just about anything, really: fluff, slice-of-life, romance, PWP, darkfic, humor, deathfic, hurt/comfort, AU, BDSM, etc. The only no-no's are underage and RPS.
Disclaimer: Don't own 'em, DC does, yadda, yadda, yadda... :)
Word Count:

Tags Policy

Okay, I tried to keep it simple, taking people’s suggestions into consideration and checking out other comms. :) Make sure to tag! That way the current and prospective members will see what is on this comm. Please use these tags when posting to this comm. Do not create new tags unless absolutely necessary, as in none of these tags fit your entry. If you have a new pairing, then create that new tag, otherwise use the pairings tags already established.

Examples of tags by pairing: (i.e., diana prince/steve trevor, diana prince/dinah lance, wonder woman/superman, etc.). Please put Diana’s name first so that we can keep things as close to uniform as possible. Thanks!

Also, it’s my habit on my own LJ to put in both the hero and secret identity names. Hey, I’m an indexer by profession! :) I tag a zillion times on my own LJ but since this is a comm, I figured we had to keep things in some kind of order. :) But I also tag pairings as ‘wonder woman/black canary’, in addition to diana prince/dinah lance, for instance, so please feel free to do so.

I tried to keep the tags to a fairly small list. I figured that people could put more info in their headers.

amazons—can be used with any Diana/Amazon pairing or a story with an Amazon theme
bronze age
fandom: charities
friendship—can be used with ‘sisterhood’.
golden age
ménage a trois
menage a trois plus—I was thinking along the lines of two couples coming together, or maybe a general orgy! ;)
slash—used if you have a secondary m/m pairing in addition to a Diana pairing, who will always remain the primary focus.
modern era
poetry—considering Sappho’s poet status, perhaps someone might be inspired to write Diana-inspired poetry! :)
queen hippolyta
silver age
sisterhood—could be used for Diana and females she is close to outside of Paradise Island, and of course fic or art that features Diana in an Amazon pairing/friendship/theme. :)
trinity-for use with DC's Trinity of Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman.

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